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Sound-proof studio with green screen cyclorama, lighting grid, Texas-sized air-conditioning, spaces for tabletop/food prep, makeup, meetings, green room, and broadband wifi

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A full range of camera, lighting and grip equipment is available, tailored to your budget and schedule - call for a custom package rate.

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From finding the right above- and below-the-line personnel, to catering and craft services, we provide the support for a smooth production.

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Floor plans

Studio details

The 700 sf. sound-proof studio is engineered for production audio, with an acoustically-isolated high-tonnage AC system to quietly keep your cool in the hottest summer weather.

The 28' x 25' x 16' sound stage includes a 180-degree infinity cyclorama in white, green or your custom color, with seamless paper or muslin backdrops.

The overhead lighting grid has four bank 48" tungsten/daylight Kinos as wallwashers, with an additional 28,000 watts available to room. The entire grid can be lowered on motorized pulleys for safe and easy access.

The adjacent full kitchen streamlines food preparation for tabletop shooting.

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Over 60 years of combined experience allows us to build solid relationships with both above- and below-the-line personnel. From producers and directors to production assistants and craft-services, we can fully crew your production with seasoned professionals.


From uplinking and live switching to online video/sound and sfx foley, we are happy to host/post your production.

Catering & Craft

Let our chef cater/craft-service your production, designing menus that maximize variety and quality and minimize costs - converting your meals/crafty needs into a desirable benefit based on our outstanding pricing.


718 Studios is also available for event rental. Over a half acre of paved, secured property is well suited for event staging, with an additional 3000 sf. of interior space for event support.

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Located one mile east of downtown Austin, in what Forbes Magazine calls
"… the hippest neighborhood in North America".

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